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Indian Head Massage

More than just a head massage...

Steph on her Head Massage chair

Tŷ Gwyn Reflexology is delighted to now offer a brand new service for 2021, Indian Head Massage!

Indian Head Massage is so much more than just a head massage! Practised in India for over 1000 years as part of everyday family life, this relaxing treatment includes the application of a variety of massage techniques to the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, face, head and scalp regions! So it's much more than a massage of your head!

This is a fantastic calming treatment and especially great for sufferers of migraines, eye strain, sleep problems, sinus issues, and stress related disorders.

Our Indian Head Massage is performed whilst seated. Oils are recommended but completely optional. If you choose oils, clothing can be removed and a large towel provided for modesty. Each massage is unique and tailored to your requirements. Why not try this combined with Reflexology for the ultimate relaxation package?

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Steph on her Head Massage chair
Trained by Harmony Holistic's, Wirral

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